Portable Welder

Finally, weld wherever and whenever you want! No cables, no external packs, no hassle. The most revolutionary product for the professional.

Capacity for electrodes up to 4mm, battery recharge in 30', multiple electrode autonomy and weight below 8kg among many other features that allow its use in the most defying situations.

Innobattery Exclusive

For years, arc welding duties have been restricted to electricity availability. Even the smallest repair required long cable extentions or power generators that would damage the equipment.

Our patented solution for any place / any time works allow us to bring a compact equipment, with enough autonomy to perform any task and fast recharge.

The first all-in-one with capacity and solvency for your biggest challenges, accessible and useful. Don't ask what solutions can it bring to you: Demand the better performance in situations impossible until now.

Far away from reliable energy sources, in height, with extreme temperatures or simply when it is excessive to deploy a cable extention just to solve an intervention of a couple of minutes, this is the ideal product.