Electric Movility

¿Long Term Projects?
Now is Possible

Deployments on Bicicles, Motorcicles, Ricksaws and even on Shared Electric Automobiles come true thanks to our technology. Faster recharges, less weight and limitless service time are the keys to plan long term solutions.

Innobattery packs give life to the resolution of big challenges on urban movility.

With recharge times as short as 15 minutes, users can utilize a vehicle almost as soon as it's back to the Charge Station.

Less charging times means more kilometers and service to the community per day.

The lasting technology of our Ultracapacitors is more resistent to overcharges, changes in temperature, physical damage and vandalism, providing systems that last many more years.

You could even implement our solutions in vehicles of collective use like Buses and small Urban Trains with fast recharge in their terminal stations.

So groundbreaking
that nothing will be the same anymore


Multiple Vehicles

Our solution adapts to inline skates, bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles and even collective vehicles.

Verifiable results

Deployments sustainable in time with less maintenance costs.

Better performance

Its great capacity for energy supply allows to use smaller, lighter and adaptable packs.

Smart energy

The integrated management system based on a microprocessor enhances its lifespan and communication with complex systems.